Club Night Racing

Mountain Raiders run club racing on Friday evenings through summer (Oct – April) at our track at Lloyd Elsmore Park.

Club nights are FREE for paid MR members.

Casual (non member) riders and visitors from other clubs will need to check in manually at the points hut.  Casual rego closes at 6.00pm.

Racing starts 6.30pm.  Finish approx 7.30pm.

Just before racing starts, the riders are sorted into their ability groups.  Groups  and names are called out for riders to move up to the start ramp ready for their races.   We generally start from the youngest riders and work up to the older ones.  After which we start again with the youngest.  We do this 3 times, so all riders get 3 races each.  If there is time, a fourth “unofficial” moto will be run, but we aim to finish by 7.30 so that the little guys can get home to bed.  The older ones can keep going a little longer if they wish.

“Fun racing” only for the first couple of weeks, to get everyone registered, and into the swing of things.
After that we run our traditional “points racing” system.
Points are awarded based on finishing position for each race.  
Riders accumulate points through the season, and this is used at the end of the season to determine trophy winners for each age group.

Note that your final finishing position for the season will be based on your BEST 10 results, not the overall total, to allow for a few missed club nights, crashes etc.  We normally have 13-15 points racing nights in a season, so you can afford to miss/drop a few of the worst ones and not affect the final position.

Faster riders can optionally race above their own age group.   Some of the experienced riders do this for increased competition to better prepare them for large race meetings such as Nationals.   However,  if you change age groups mid-season, your points tally will be re-set. 

Race night entry fees:

MTR Club members:- FREE
Visitors from other clubs:- $5.00
Casual riders:- $10.00

Please produce proof of membership to your club to receive the lower fee. This would normally be your BMXNZ licence.

You are allowed to ride as a casual rider for up to 3 weeks, after which you must become a full member to continue racing. This is a condition of our affiliation to BMXNZ.


Come along and give BMX a go.

Mountain Raiders BMX is a club focused on kids & family. The track is built to cater for both new and experienced riders. Come & try it out, then you can join the club at any time during the season. Bring your own bike, we have full face helmets & gloves for hire. All you need to wear is long pants,  a long sleeve shirt & covered in shoes.