Floodlight Activation by Credit Card

Lights Payment Portal

The floodlights can be turned on remotely by entering your credit card details.

Cost is $10 per hour. Minimum charge $10, or 1 hour, then 15min increments after that.

Get your mates together and share the cost.

Important Notes:

* Club arranged events (eg gates sessions) take precedence over private bookings, so always check the club facebook page before paying for your session.

* You do NOT have exclusive use of the track while the lights are on.

* If others turn up and ride during your booking time, we suggest you negotiate with them that they pay next time, but you don’t have the right to prevent them from using the track.

* There is a 15min warm-up time added to the first hour (no charge)

* Lights must switch off by 10.30pm (council rules)

* Latest activation time is 9.45pm.

* Lights are activated immediately. You cannot book a time in advance.

* Switch-off warning: For safety reasons, the lights under the start ramp roof will flash for 2 mins prior to the main floodlights switching off. This is to provide enough time to stop riding the track before it suddenly goes dark.